As a young child, I remember shopping the quaint boutiques of downtown Richmond with my mother.  It thrilled me to look at all the beautiful manniquins, displays, and clothing.  I would daydream of what it must be like to work in one of those fancy shops or to even imagine having my own one day.  Well, here we are many years later.  In a leap of faith, high hopes, along with my business partner, Ken Powell, my childhood dreams become a reality in our own small home town of Poquoson, Virginia.  While enjoying a day on the beach, we talked of shop names as if we were to make it a reality.  Our love of the beach combined with our love of our hometown came together.  The Beachy Bull was born in the sand of the Outer Banks.  You will find unusual coastal casual clothing combined with authentic OBX beach decor, jewelry, and home items.  Come experience this wonderful new shopping experience with us.  Something for everyone.​

-Charmaine J.


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501 Wythe Creek Rd. Suite 103,  Poquoson, VA 23662